Congress Theme for 2022

Theme: Developing Biblical Worldview Through Christian Education: Reclaiming Young People for Christ

We are in spiritual warfare to save America’s young people. Please join the battle to reclaim our young people for Christ. In his book entitled “You Lost Me: Why Young Christians are Leaving Church and Rethinking Church,” David Kinnaman presents some disturbing news from the battlefield:

  • Three out of every five young Christians (59%) disconnect either permanently or for an extended period from church life after age 15.
  • Only 2% of Millennials hold a biblical worldview.
  • Approximately 70%-80% of youth leave the church after they graduate from high school.
  • 3 out of 10 (30%) stay involved in the church.
  • A mere 2% of the parents of children under 13 possess a biblical worldview.
  • A mere 5% of parents have core beliefs and behaviors that are in harmony with a biblical worldview.

Scholars debate statistics on our youth; the data may vary according to the researchers. However, the data has its origin in Genesis 3:15, “Seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman.” The devil wants to contaminate, annihilate, and deceive everything that belongs to God. The devil’s major targets are Christian young people.

The devil is strategizing how to win young people to his worldview. As Christians, we need to equip our young people with a biblical worldview to defend the faith, stand firmly against the snares of the evil one, and stop the continuous exodus of young people leaving the Christian Church and faith.

The Annual Session of the NCBC Congress of Christian Education will focus on developing a biblical worldview for young people, parents, adults, and all Christian workers.

You may begin registering for our various classes in the first week of May 2022. For more information, please click the Schools of Congress link above to register for the class/classes of your choice.